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Phycicians Practice Address
1301 Concord Terrace

Court Case # 96-004960 (19)

Indemnity Paid: $3,103,978.00

Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report

Department File Number :M201265027
Claim Number :MM098075A
Date Submitted :10/8/2012
Insurer Information
Insurer NameCoverage Type
Insurer FEINProfessional License Number
Insurer Contact Information
TypeFirst NameMILast Name
IndividualCherry ERadin
Street Address
Ten Parkway North
PhoneExtFaxE-Mail Address
(847) 572 - 6085 (847) 572 -
Insured Information
TypeFirst NameMILast Name
Insurer TypeStreet Address of Practice
Licensed1301 Concord Terrace
CityStateZip CodeCounty
Policy NumberPer Claim Policy LimitsAggregate Policy Limits
Profession or BusinessOther Profession or Business
Medical Doctor 
License NumberSpecialty Code & ClassificationCertification Number
ME56989Emergency Medicine - Including Major Surgery 

Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report

Injured Person Information
First NameMILast NameDate of Birth
Street AddressGenderCounty where Injury Occurred
CityStateZip Code
Location where injury occuredOther location where injury occured
Hospital Inpatient Facility 
Name of InstitutionCode
Location of Institutional InjuryOther Location of Institutional Injury
Labor and Delivery Room 
Date of OccurrenceDate Reported to Insurer
Diagnostic Information
Final Diagnosis For Which Treatment Was Sought Including Patient's Actual Condition
The patient was delivered at the hospital. At the time of delivery the mother incurred spontaneous rupture of membranes at approximately 33-34 weeks. At admission the mother had a tempurature of 100.9 and labor lasted approximately 23 hours. The patient was transferred to NeoNatal ICU where antibiotic therapy was instituted. On day 3 the infant developed a temperature of 100.6 and was mildly jaundiced. She required a platelet transfusion, packed red cell transfusions and cryoprecipitate. The patient was diagnosed with DIC with thrombocytopenia and anemia.
Operation, Diagnostic, Or Treatment Procedure Rendered Causing The Injury
The patient was discharged after three weeks, but was admitted to another hospital three weeks folowing where she was diagnosed with Hepatic Insufficiency and cirrhosis of the liver with jaundiced cell transformation.
Diagnostic Code : 
Misdiagnosis Made, If Any, Of Patient's Actual Condition
Principal Injury Giving Rise To The Claim
The patient incurred a visual field deficit and brain tissue abnormality detectible by CT scan, although her brain function is normal.
Severity Of Injury
Permanent: Minor - Loss of fingers, loss or damage to organs.Includes non-disabling injuries.

Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report


Legal Information
Date of SuitCircuit Court Case Number
9/30/200996-004960 (19)
County Suit Filed inDate of Final Disposition
Other Defendants Involved in this Claim
Stage of Legal System at which Settlement was Reached or Award Made
After appeal.
Final Method of Claim Disposition
Disposed of by Court
Court DecisionOther
Directed verdict for plaintiff. 
Claim not subject to Arbitration.
Date of Payment
Financial Information
Was there a settlement Resulting in payment to the Plaintiff?Yes
Indemnity Paid by Insurer on behalf of Insured$3,103,978
Loss Adjust Expense Paid to Defense Counsel$414,332
All Other Loss Adjustment Expense Paid$264,343
Injured Person's Total Non-Economic Loss$1,500,000
Injured Person's Total Economic Loss
 Incurred to DateAnticipated
Medical Expense$0$470,000
Wage Loss$0$200,000
Other Expenses$0$0
Safety Management Steps Taken by Insured to Make Similar Occurrence Less Likely
No updates found.



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Does Dr. JOSE A COLINDRES, MD have any medical malpractice cases, lawsuits, or complaints?

Dr. JOSE A COLINDRES, MD has at least 1 medical malpractice case(s), lawsuit(s), or complaint(s).

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