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Dr. DONALD L BEHRMANN Medical Malpractice Cases

Court Case # 06CA2310

Indemnity Paid: $44,000.00

Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report

Department File Number :M200747114
Claim Number :05-0039-2
Date Submitted :10/1/2007
Insurer Information
Insurer NameCoverage Type
Insurer FEINProfessional License Number
Insurer Contact Information
TypeFirst NameMILast Name
IndividualJack Heda
Street Address
1806 N. Flamingo Road, Suite 339
Pembroke PinesFL33028
PhoneExtFaxE-Mail Address
(954) 985 - 1165 (954) 212 -
Insured Information
TypeFirst NameMILast Name
Insurer TypeStreet Address of Practice
CityStateZip CodeCounty
Policy NumberPer Claim Policy LimitsAggregate Policy Limits
Profession or BusinessOther Profession or Business
Medical Doctor 
License NumberSpecialty Code & ClassificationCertification Number
ME64819Surgery - Neurology - Including Child 

Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report

Injured Person Information
First NameMILast NameDate of Birth
Street AddressGenderCounty where Injury Occurred
CityStateZip Code
Location where injury occuredOther location where injury occured
Hospital Inpatient Facility 
Name of InstitutionCode
Location of Institutional InjuryOther Location of Institutional Injury
Operating Suite 
Date of OccurrenceDate Reported to Insurer
Diagnostic Information
Final Diagnosis For Which Treatment Was Sought Including Patient's Actual Condition
Patient was referred by primary care physician, to Dr. Lu for recurrent severe low back pain radiating into her left hip, buttocks and legs.
Operation, Diagnostic, Or Treatment Procedure Rendered Causing The Injury
After evaluation Dr. Lu recommended a repeat laminectomy and foraminotomy of L4-S1. Patient was admitted to hospital for surgery on November 25, 2003. Dr. Lu performed the surgery without any complications. After surgery patient continued to progress satisfactory, but did experience low-grade fevers and constipation. On November 26, 2003, Dr. Lu added Rocephin to the Kefzol the patient was already receiving. Both antibiotics were continued through patient?s discharge. Dr. Lu monitored the patient through November 27, 2003. On November 28, 2003, Dr. Donald Behrmann, Dr. Lu?s partner took over coverage of the practice?s patient?s. Physician Assistant Shirley Baehr assisted Dr. Behrmann in monitoring the patient on a daily basis.
Diagnostic Code : 
Misdiagnosis Made, If Any, Of Patient's Actual Condition
Principal Injury Giving Rise To The Claim
Patient had no bowel movements on November 29, 2003 and November 30, 2003. However, laxatives were ordered and the patient complained of diarrhea as of 1:30 p.m. on November 30, 2003. Discharge orders were given with instructions to follow-up with Dr. Lu. Patient claims to have experienced continuing severe diarrhea after discharge. Patient was readmitted to hospital on December 5, 2003. Patient was discharged from hospital on December 16, 2003 with a diagnosis of clostridium difficile toxin. Patient now complains of post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome with 3-5 loose bowel movements/day and generalized chronic fatigue. Neither Shirley Baehr, PA-C nor Dr. Behrmann were advised of this continuing/worsening diarrhea.
Severity Of Injury
Permanent: Minor - Loss of fingers, loss or damage to organs.Includes non-disabling injuries.

Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report


Legal Information
Date of SuitCircuit Court Case Number
County Suit Filed inDate of Final Disposition
Other Defendants Involved in this Claim
Stage of Legal System at which Settlement was Reached or Award Made
After court verdict and prior to filing of notice of appeal.
Final Method of Claim Disposition
Settled by parties
Court DecisionOther
Othersettled by parties
Claim not subject to Arbitration.
Date of Payment
Financial Information
Was there a settlement Resulting in payment to the Plaintiff?Yes
Indemnity Paid by Insurer on behalf of Insured$44,000
Loss Adjust Expense Paid to Defense Counsel$34,358
All Other Loss Adjustment Expense Paid$0
Injured Person's Total Non-Economic Loss$0
Injured Person's Total Economic Loss
 Incurred to DateAnticipated
Medical Expense$0$0
Wage Loss$0$0
Other Expenses$0$0
Safety Management Steps Taken by Insured to Make Similar Occurrence Less Likely
No updates found.



*NR:Prior to 04/28/1999 this field was not required in submitted claims.

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