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Court Case # 2014CA002912000000

Indemnity Paid: $75,000.00

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report

Department File Number : M201677019
Claim Number : MM270448
Date Submitted : 2/4/2016
Insurer Information
Insurer Name Coverage Type
Insurer FEIN Professional License Number
Insurer Contact Information
Type First Name MI Last Name
Street Address
City State Zip
Phone Ext Fax E-Mail Address
(804) 864 - 3731   (855) 662 - 7535 [email protected]
Insured Information
TypeFirst NameMILast Name
Insurer TypeStreet Address of Practice
Licensed1814 BULL STREET
CityStateZip CodeCounty
ColumbiaSC29201Out of state
Policy NumberPer Claim Policy LimitsAggregate Policy Limits
Profession or BusinessOther Profession or Business
Medical Doctor 
License NumberSpecialty Code & ClassificationCertification Number
ME97301Radiology - therapeutic - no surgery 

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report

Injured Person Information
First NameMILast NameDate of Birth
Street AddressGenderCounty where Injury Occurred
CityStateZip Code
Location where injury occuredOther location where injury occured
Name of InstitutionCode
Location of Institutional InjuryOther Location of Institutional Injury
Radiology, Emergency Room 
Date of OccurrenceDate Reported to Insurer
Diagnostic Information
Final Diagnosis For Which Treatment Was Sought Including Patient's Actual Condition
Between Dec 2009 - Jan 2012, Brian James was treated at Newberry Chiropractic Clinic, by James Lukes, DC for neck and back pain due to stress. Treatment included x-rays, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, and ibuprofen. Mr. James followed up with PCP on Feb 1 and April 2 2012 for the same pain in neck/back and a CT Scan was ordered. April 7 2012 Mr. James returned to clinic for sharp pains in upper spine after a fall, more x-rays were ordered. On April 9 2012 Mr. James went to PCP with additional pain after a fall. April 13 2012 he underwent previously ordered CT scan where a fracture, lesions and a tumor were found. On April 18 2012, Mr. James saw Susan Ross, MD at Central FL Cancer Institute, who confirmed. Dr Ross ordered MRI, PET scan, labs & bone scan to eliminate possibility of scar tissue due to Mr James history as bull rider. April 23 2012, Mr. James underwent MRI of cervical and thoracic spine ordered by and films were read by Dr. Paresh Shah.
Operation, Diagnostic, Or Treatment Procedure Rendered Causing The Injury
Dr. Shah made the following findings on April 24, 2012 MRI film: "Patchy area of signal intensity on T2 weighted 3 images in vertebral body of T1. Also thickening of the right facet of the vertebral body of T1 on these T2 weighted images with minimal increased signal intensity. Left side of T1 is normal. Effacement of SF space due to new bone formation or hypertrophy of the lamina in the facet joint at the level of T1, no evidence of any cord compression. Abnormal enhancement of soft tissue in the paraspinal muscle at T1, T2 and T3. Also abnormal enhancement of vertebral body of T1 with intravenous contrast administration." His impression was as follows: "MRI of c-spine is normal. Patient has old healing fracture of the vertebral body of T1 with new bone formation of right lamina and facet region of the vertebral body of T1. There is probably fibrosis or enhancement of the soft tissues in the right paraspinal muscles secondary to fibrosis or some inflammation." Dr. Shah noted in MRI of the thoracic spine: "increased signal intensity in vertebral body of T1, this is a patchy area of enhancement on the T2 weighted images. This new lesion is better seen on c-spine MRI." His impression was: normal t-spine MRI except T1. This intervertebral disc is described on the c-spine MRI."
Diagnostic Code : 
Misdiagnosis Made, If Any, Of Patient's Actual Condition
Dr. Shah allegedly failed to diagnose the T1 tumor on the April 24, 2012 film, which resulted in spread of cancer.
Principal Injury Giving Rise To The Claim
As a result of the alleged negligence of potential defendants, Claimants contend that Mr. James suffered injury and damages, including the necessity of undergoing emergent, specialized care rendered at Winter Haven Hospital and Tampa General Hospital for his spinal surgery and the resulting physical, emotional and financial consequences stemming from that medical care which could have been avoided had Mr. James undergone a timely bone marrow aspiration and biopsy of the T1 with focal radiation therapy. Mr. James contends that he is unable to complete tasks around the house that he previously was able to complete, including mowing the lawn, yard work, dishes, cleaning the house, laundry, the majority of the cooking and repairs around the house, and must have other people perform them for him. Neighbors now mow his lawn. Mrs. James is now completing additional jobs that were previously performed by her husband.
Severity Of Injury
Permanent: Minor - Loss of fingers, loss or damage to organs. Includes non-disabling injuries.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
Medical Malpractice Closed Claims Report


Legal Information
Date of SuitCircuit Court Case Number
County Suit Filed inDate of Final Disposition
Other Defendants Involved in this Claim
Stage of Legal System at which Settlement was Reached or Award Made
Claim or suit abandoned.
Final Method of Claim Disposition
Settled by parties
Court DecisionOther
No Court Proceedings. 
Claim not subject to Arbitration.
Date of Payment
Financial Information
Was there a settlement Resulting in payment to the Plaintiff?Yes
Indemnity Paid by Insurer on behalf of Insured$75,000
Loss Adjust Expense Paid to Defense Counsel$36,397
All Other Loss Adjustment Expense Paid$5,210
Injured Person's Total Non-Economic Loss$0
Injured Person's Total Economic Loss
 Incurred to DateAnticipated
Medical Expense$0$0
Wage Loss$0$0
Other Expenses$0$0
Safety Management Steps Taken by Insured to Make Similar Occurrence Less Likely
No updates found.



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